Laurence McGrath: "I would ask them to stay away for two to three years.”

New York GAA President wants other counties to stay away for anther two or three years

BY Niall McGrath 12:40 Tuesday 13 March 2018, 12:40 13 Mar 2018

New York GAA president Laurence McGrath says the Gaelic Player’s Association, and the county boards need to give New York GAA a break. He wants the other counties to remain away for the next two to three years.

 The Donegal man spoke with Ger Gilroy at their annual banquet, outside Gaelic Park in New York to discuss a number of issues, including the lack of financial support the NY GAA receives. The board are fundraising for renovations on their Gaelic Park facility.

 “Yeah, it is tricky, and you don’t like anyone standing on anybody’s shoes. They have to respect the New York board, and the New York people,’ said McGrath.

He doesn’t want New York GAA to incur any debt after the renovation of proposed plans to rebuild Gaelic Park next year.

  "They’re taking out of our pockets, especially now that we have to go and fundraise for ourselves. We are going to get this built, and we don’t want to have a debt or anything whenever we are finished here. So, I would ask them to stay away for two to three years.”

 New York GAA passed rules banning any player who is part of an inter-county panel and/or National League panel member joining them for the Summer’ months.

 McGrath believes it’s a good decision from NY GAA, as it’s good for development go the game in the area. It also gives New York based players an opportunity to break through into the starting XV.

 “I am in favour of it because it is going to cut down the cost of clubs. It’s going to cut down everything. I don’t mind players emigrating. We’ve all emigrated here, and we all started to play football, and Gaelic Park was the place where you come a got work and accommodation, and you met friends away from home."

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