NBA Finals Preview: How Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors match up

Farmer Jones of Slam! magazine looks ahead to the match up everyone wanted to see

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NBA Finals. USA TODAY Sports/SIPA USA/PA Images

Just like 2016 when Cleveland Cavaliers came out on top against then champions Golden State Warriors, the 2017 NBA finals will be a battle between the same two franchises.

Slam! magazine contributing editor Farmer Jones joined Off The Ball to discuss the "match up that everyone's anticipated since last June's unforgettable series".

One of the subplots to the series will be how it impacts on the legacy of three time NBA Champion LeBron James. 

"The biggest thing would be simply winning the series regardless of his stats would say a lot. To be able to last year knock off that Warriors team that won 73 games - and even though that team this year didn't win as many games - to beat that team when they'd added Kevin Durant would be remarkable," said Jones.

"I really think LeBron's legacy is a winner and one of the all time greats was pretty well cemented after last year's series. Michael Jordan's 6-0 in the Finals and LeBron won't touch that but there's all sorts of stats you can dig into around winning percentage, the teams they played in those Finals runs and there's all sorts of ways you can try and make a case."

He added that "win or lose, his legacy can really be hurt a whole lot" in LeBron's case.

But overall, Jones is tipping Warriors to win in five games.