A Formula 1 car took to the ski slopes yesterday

Max Verstappen controlled the car during an Austrian ski festival

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Picture by: Red Bull

Formula 1 cars can be notoriously difficult to control.

When rain starts to fall during a Grand Prix you regularly see the drivers change tyres at the first available opportunity. If a car had the wrong set of tyres on it, crucial time could be lost or a crash may even happen.

You can only imagine what was going through Max Verstappen's head when he took the Red Bull RB7 to the slopes of Kitzbuhel. The Toro Rosso driver was taking part in a demonstration for Red Bull at a ski festival in Austria.

The RB7 was driven by the team in 2011 luckily for the mechanics, it is not in current racing use. Chains were even added to the tyres to give Verstappen extra grip.

Somehow, the 18-year-old Dutch star survived to tell the tale.