A Premier League winter break is now back on the agenda

Sam Allardyce is in favour of its introduction

Richard Scudamore

Richard Scudamore. Picture by: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore has confirmed discussions about a winter break are ongoing.

New England manager Sam Allardyce has led the calls for a two week halt to the season to benefit their national team.

The idea was previously raised back in 2012 but talks between the Premier League, Football Association and Football League broke down.

Scudamore says it is back on the agenda.

"We've gone on record as saying we're in discussions with the people we need to be in discussions with, which is the Football Association, the Football League. It's an integrated calendar. There's the willingness to try and make it happen but I can't put a timescale on when it might happen," he said.

As Allardyce took on his new job this week, he resurrected discussions regarding the introduction of a break, saying, "I've been an advocate of a mid-season break for about 10 years."