A baseball player vowed to create "Giraffic Park" if he won the American Powerball

CJ Wilson came up with the ingenious idea in an interview with Fox Sports

BY Daniel Kelly 08:17 Thursday 14 January 2016, 8:17 14 Jan 2016

Picture by: Gareth Fuller / PA Archive/PA Images

America has been going Powerball crazy in the past few weeks.

The Lottery had rolled over 20 times since November meaning it reached a historic high of almost $1.6billion (€1.47billion approx) overnight. Three winners ended up sharing the jackpot. Before tax, the winners from California, Tennessee and Florida won over $500million each.

Fox Sports spoke to sports stars from all over America yesterday asking them if they were going to buy a ticket and if so, what they would do with the money if they won.

LA Angels pitcher CJ Wilson. Picture by: Pat Sullivan / AP/Press Association Images

One of the more entertaining answers came from baseball pitcher CJ Wilson. The 35-year-old wanted to spend his winnings on a giraffe sanctuary. "I would buy a ranch and put giraffes on it and call it Giraffic Park."

The name "Giraffic Park" in itself, should have been enough to make sure Wilson was the winner. With one of the winning tickets being sold in the outskirts of Los Angeles, maybe the dream of the park will become reality.


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