A new fighter has already come forward to challenge McGregor for his belt

The Notorious unified the World Featherweight title in just 13 seconds

A new fighter has already come forward to challenge McGregor for his belt

John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

The sweat is still dripping off the surface of Conor McGregor's World Featherweight belt, but already, another challenger has emerged with the intention of derailing the newly crowned champion from Crumlin.

Conor McGregor dispatched Jose Aldo in the fastest recorded KO thump in UFC history. He cut in with a sharp left paw and clipped Aldo's chin with the perfect balance of power and precision to send Aldo stumbling to the canvas before following it up with a barrage of hammer blows.

But as McGregor, and the Irish contingent commence celebrations that have been coming since July, another predator is lurking in the undergrowth. 

UFC fighter Frankie Edgar defeated Chad Mendes in the first round on Friday night and now wants to contest the Featherweight World title with McGregor in New York.

Speaking after the fight, Edgar confessed:

'Yeah, that was impressive. Conor lives up to everything he says and he's been the real deal for a while. People are slow to give him credit but he proves it in the ring every time. I'm hoping the rematch doesn't happen.'

Edgar would surely be a worthy match-up for McGregor if talk of the rematch were to be dropped. On Friday night, Edgar stunned the crowd at the Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale when he prevailed against Mendes in under three minutes with a left hook and ground and pound combination, similar to the manner of McGregor's win in Vegas.

But will Edgar's appeal be enough to sideline McGregor's business with Aldo?