Adidas calls on fans to design new kits for some of the world's most iconic clubs

Do you look at shirt designs and think you could do better?

Adidas calls on fans to design new kits for some of the world's most iconic clubs


Adidas is giving fans the opportunity to design the third choice kits of some of the worlds's biggest clubs.

It has launched its Creator Studio - a digital platform that allows users to make their own kits for six top clubs: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, AC Milan and Rio's Flamengo

A selection of kits voted for by fans will be put to members of the squads of these clubs, the players themselves will vote to pick their favourite design - which will be released and worn by players during the 2017/18 season.

"We are giving people a blank canvas and allowing them to create something exciting and unique," Markus Baumann, Adidas’ general manager of football said.

The current Manchester United third kit literally looks like a blank canvas:


"The Creator Studio is an opportunity for fans to become part of the history of some of the biggest global clubs; it’s a true first. We hope the idea of seeing their design on field next year, being worn by the players and by fans around the world, will fuel imagination and creativity," Mr Baumann continued.

Aspiring shirt designers will be encouraged to campaign to get votes for their designs - this fits in with Adidas's stated ambition to be the sportswear brand that generates the highest volume of social media conversation.

The company bragged about being the most shared brand during Euro 2016.

"Essentially, it’s about creating a deeper engagement with our consumer," a spokesperson told The Drum.

"So, by measuring shares we’re seeing how consumers are interacting with - and talking about - our content. We will also engage with their conversation so they feel even more part of what we’re doing," Adidas continued.

It sees social metrics as a way of valuing commercial partnerships.