"Aldo did not distinguish himself in the promotion or in the fight" UFC expert tells Off The Ball

Kevin Iole spoke with Joe Molloy on Off The Ball about McGregor's future plans and a possible rift with the UFC

Kevin Iole was at the MGM on Saturday night as Conor McGregor floored Jose Aldo after 13 seconds to claim UFC's featherweight title. He filled in listeners of Off The Ball of the kind of power McGregor now holds and the possibility, or lack thereof, of a rematch with Aldo.

While Iole doesn't think anyone could have predicated such a docile showing by Aldo, he picked the Dubliner to win because of "the way he carried himself and the things he said. I was impressed with him," Iole said.

Iole told Joe on Off The Ball that he had originally selected Aldo to win the fight but based on McGregor's swagger, he changed his mind. 

Everything about McGregor is exciting when you consider he picked the round and told the world how he would knock the Brazilian out. Iole think it shows, "this guy is really an insightful fighter and a student of the fight game."

He also is not sure as to whether the former champion, Aldo, deserves a rematch straight away. He says he did not distinguish himself in the promotion of the fight as it was "all Conor", and he did not distinguish himself in the fight either and that unless McGregor chooses to fight Aldo, he could be waiting in line for another fight with "The Notorious".

As far as Iole is concerned, "What he[McGregor] has done for the sport, what he has done for the UFC. He deserves the chance to say this is who I want to fight next."

McGregor's contract situation is something that may be a point of contention for Dana White and the UFC but given the fact that Ronda Rousey and McGregor are the two biggest names in combat sports at this minute, they have sway that few have ever felt before.