An Ed Sheeran "lookalike" was serenaded by rugby fans in Cork

The sing-along happened during the Munster Junior Cup Final

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"Ed Sheeran"

Ed Sheeran seems to be really popular in Christian Brothers Cork.

A video has been released of students from the school serenading a steward after the Munster Junior Cup Final. With red hair and a beard, the steward looks vaguely familiar to the English singer. 

The video was taken after the drawn final in March but was only posted online earlier this week. Cresent College defeated CBC in Wednesday's replay 17-7.

A singing career may not be in the offing for many of the students, but it was nice to see the steward taking the attention in good spirits.


SCHOOL RUGBY FANS SING TO ED SHEERAN LOOKALIKE STEWARDWho's looking forward to the Junior Cup Final replay? This is what happened the last time the teams met.

Posted by Munster Haka Schools on Tuesday, April 5, 2016