Andre Gray charged with misconduct over homophobic tweets

The Burnley striker posted a number of offensive tweets in 2012 that resurfaced after his side's victory over Liverpool

Andre Gray

Image: Anthony Devlin / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Burnley striker Andre Gray has been charged with misconduct by the FA after offensive tweets posted by the striker in 2012 resurfaced after his side's victory over Liverpool on Saturday.

The tweets, sent between 9 January 2012 and 11 March 2012, included the following: "Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #Makesmesick", while another said "Ladies stop dressin ur sons as women in heels and make up..Do u want him to end up like #PeteBurns #Faggot’". 

The tweets were deleted after the game after they resurfaced and began recirculating online. The 25-year-old has since apologised for the comments and released a statement saying: "I was at a very different point in my life back then – one that I’ve worked hard to move on from … I have experienced a lot over the past four years and have had to take responsibility for a number of things in my life which has enabled me to mature and grow as a person.

"I realise I have made some big mistakes, none more so than these tweets, but I would like to stress that I’ve worked incredibly hard to completely transform my life since that time. To clarify, I do not hold the beliefs written in those tweets whatsoever."

He added: "I can assure everybody that I am absolutely not homophobic, and as said previously I can only apologise and ask for forgiveness to anyone I offended. Thankfully I am not the guy I was back then and will continue to work hard both on and off the pitch to become a better person."

At the time, Gray was a non-league player with Hinckley United.

A statement released on the FA's website states: "It is alleged the comments were abusive and/or insulting and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute contrary to FA Rule E3(1).

It is further alleged that these breaches include reference to an "aggravating factor", namely, sexual orientation and/or gender and/or colour and/or race contrary to FA Rule E3(2)."

The player has until 6pm on Wednesday to respond to the charge.