Andy Lee on McGregor's corner's shortcomings: "They didn't even tie the gloves correctly"

The Irishman took on Floyd Mayweather in his first professional fight

Andy Lee on McGregor's corner's shortcomings: "They didn't even tie the gloves correctly"

Floyd Mayweather Jr. in action against Conor McGregor. Image: ©INPHO/Derek Hogan

Off the Ball's Sunday Paper Review looked back at the mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. 

Sinead O'Carroll and Andy Lee joined Joe Molloy to discuss the fight and Lee, a former World Champion was quick to pin-point some inadequacies he noticed from the Dubliner and his camp.

"It wasn't a hard-paced fight...So the fact that McGregor burned out so quickly with little exertion, his punches - they weren't power punches," he told Molloy. "He threw a couple, maybe two or three that whizzed by...but one landed, besides that though, it's a different fitness.

"It's a different energy that you have to build up over time. You can't get it in eight weeks or twelve weeks. It comes from a lifetime of training and building up those fibres."

"It's in the legs. you could see even at the end his hands weren't tired, it's in the legs. I've watched a lot of MMA fights and I've watched Conor McGregor's padwork because I've been exposed to him over the last few years - he always leaves his legs behind him. When he punches, he doesn't step in with the punch. His weight goes over his legs.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. in action against Conor McGregor. Image: ©INPHO/Derek Hogan

"When you punch properly, your front foot, in his case his right foot, should be underneath him and he always kind of leaves his legs behind. And that's partly technique and partly a little laziness as well because that's a kind of a lazy way of punching.

"You have to say he has done amazingly well to even be in that position and I don't want to be too hard on him - he's never had a professional fight in his life and he's going in against the best boxer of the last 20 years.

"I'm going to make a simple observation, the lack of experience in his corner, I've watched him throughout his training and even in the fight, how they even tied his gloves - they didn't even tie the gloves correctly.    

"The glove ends around your forearm, the end of the glove but you always tie the glove up around the wrist. You bring the laces back to the wrist and tie it so you have a support on your wrist. 

"And, I saw it when they were training and I was like 'they'll surely change that for the fight' but even in the fight they had them tied you know like if you buy a kid a pair of gloves at Christmas - that's how you would tie them. Just something simple like that, small things like that you learn from being in boxing gyms your whole life. But look, he's done extremely well and it's an Irishman fighting in the biggest sporting event of the have to give him credit," he added.

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