Anthony Foley explains why he decided not to leave Munster

He also clarifies what his own role entails as Rassie Erasmus takes on the Director of Rugby role

Munster, Anthony Foley, Pro 12

Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Munster head coach Anthony Foley has clarified how his role will unfold this season after the major structural changes made at the end of the last campaign.

With Erasmus taking on the Director of Rugby role at Munster, along with responsibilities, Foley will be in charge of directing Munster's lineouts and breakdowns, among other tasks.

Speaking to Newstalk Sports' Dave McIntyre, Foley contrasted the tasks that both he and the South African will undertake from 2016-17.

"Quite simple really. I'm very much a short-term focus. I look at the opposition that we play week-to-week, I look at my own role within that, the coach's role within that and prepare for that and that's basically what it is. Rassie's role is a more long-term view of the club, more long-term tactical view and it's important I produce those tactics that he wants on the pitch as well and that's basically it," he said. 

Foley also explained why he chose to stay at Munster despite the changes to his own role.

"There are a lot of emotions that go round when you lose games and you're passionate about the club and you want to win, want to get the best out of a club. You've got to decide whether it's the right  or wrong thing to do in terms of 'are you being selfish'...sometimes you can be selfish and walk away and sometimes you can be selfish and stay for the wrong reasons.

"But once the rational was right, I loved the place. I love working with Munster. I want Munster to win every week but it just doesn't happen. That's the reality but if I felt it was the right thing to do for the club for me not to be involved in Munster, then that would be the decision that you'd make," he said, while also adding that he is looking forward to working with and learning from Erasmus.