Are Belgium's Golden Generation about to be taken over by a robot called Marc Wilbots?

In The Pocket believe they have the solution to the Red Devils' recent failures

Marc Wilmots came in for some heavy criticism after Euro 2016 when his team of superstars were knocked out by lowly Wales in the quarter-final of the competition without ever coming close to playing to their potential.

A new company has written to the Belgian FA and asked if they would consider appointing a "data-driven" android given the name Marc Wilbots for fun.

The company, In The Pocket, said in their application that “the candidate we put forward is obsessed by soccer and combines a data-driven approach with unbridled enthusiasm.

“We can say that this is a unique candidate, because he is not flesh and blood.”

The company believe that the analytical aspect of coaching a team is overlooked and by collecting untold amounts of data, Wilbots will be able to give the right advice to the right players at the right time about everything from nutrition to tactical advice.

"Marc Wilbots is primarily a software system that collects data. Based on this data makes recommendations in relation to recruitment, tactics and strategy. It identifies the arrangement should be played against any opponent."

"It is a preliminary concept, but technically there is nothing stopping us to develop it. Of course it is not intended to become a head coach, at least not in the first phase."

"But in the future it is perhaps not so surprising that decisions relating to recruitment, tactics and strategy are determined by computer models and not by the intuition of one person who happens to bear the title of coach."

"Computer Data is the future of many sports and must also have its place in football. Yet never Soccer is a sport of people continues. Will be an exact science, but we think we have to raise the level of sports."