"Are you a real Munster person? Because what you did there was worse than anything that has happened in Thomond Park"

Trevor Hogan spoke to Off the Ball this evening

BY Sue Murphy 21:12 Monday 14 December 2015, 21:12 14 Dec 2015

Ian Keatley ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

It was a disappointing result for Munster over the weekend, losing out by a scoreline of 31-19 to the Leicester Tigers at Thomond Park.

Late in the game, Munster out-half Ian Keatley, who didn't have the greatest of performances, was replaced and loudly jeered by some Munster fans when he left the field much to the annoyance of Trevor Hogan when he spoke to Off the Ball this evening.

He stated: "It's terrible. It comes across louder there than it did on TV.

"There's actually a couple of people sniggering there and laughter. It's absolutely unjustifiable.

"I heard some of the excuses that were being texted in earlier on about the price of tickets which is irrelevant.

"If you're a supporter, that is a line you do not cross. No matter what sport. Not even the lowest of the low - I don't want to even insult soccer by saying that they would do that.

"The only thing that's lower is racism or sexual harassment. That is pathetic.

"Munster fans are the most passionate and knowledgeable fans around so that's why it's even more disappointing to hear that.

"It's the opposite of support."

He continued: "You talk about the unity of fans and players, it's got to be rigid, it's got to be unbreakable, no matter what happens on the field, unless it's outrageously bad.

"He's trying everything. He missed one really bad one but you can see in his face how hard that was for him to take.

"To actually kick him when he's down like that and to come out with those pathetic excuses I'm hearing. I love the Munster fans, I'm a Munster man, I'm a fan, I would never dream of doing that.

"The fans that did it, they have to look at themselves hard. Are you a real Munster person? Because what you did there was worse than anything that has happened in Thomond Park ever. It was just disgraceful."

Eddie O'Sullivan joined the discussion and stated: "It was very disappointing.

"I don't know Ian Keatley very well but what I do know of him, he's a good honest guy. He goes out and does his best every time, it was no different on Saturday night and it didn't go well for him. There's no two ways about that.

"We can't tar all of the Munster supporters with that brush either. There was obviously an element of people there on Saturday night that booed him and I think it was very wrong.

"It was a game that Munster were struggling, he didn't play well but it wasn't all his fault."

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