Argentina federation being handled by emergency FIFA panel after fraud charge against president

Messi had previously criticized the AFA but he might have been right

As Argentina prepare for the Copa America final against Chile, the federation has been taken over by an emergency FIFA panel to manage its affairs.

Luis Segura, the president of Argentina's FA was recently charged with fraudulent administration regarding TV broadcasting rights and FIFA believed it was time to step in.

A judge is currently investigating irregularities worth millions of dollars in public funds to the AFA with Segura allegedly receiving the funds for broadcasting rights to first and second division matches.

They say the emergency panel of up to seven members "will be in charge of running the daily affairs" of the federations.

Recently, Lionel Messi posted an instagram picture declaring the AFA a "disgrace" as a mistake but considering FIFA's intervention and the charge against Segura, his claim may not have been entirely wide of the mark.