WATCH: Arnold Palmer's grandson shares tale of when the legendary golfer met the president

Sam Saunders also recalled the last phonecall he ever made to his grandfather

BY Cian Roche 10:00 Wednesday 5 October 2016, 10:00 5 Oct 2016

Image: Gene J. Puskar / AP/Press Association Images

On September 25, the world of golf mourned the loss of a legend.

Arnold Palmer passed away as a result of complications due to a heart condition with his two daughters and wife Kit at his side. He was 87.

Yesterday, family, friends and figures of the game gathered in the Mr Palmer's hometown of Latrobe in Pennsylvania to pay their respects.

His funeral service was beamed to a global audience as hundreds of followers, known affectionately as 'Arnie's Army', were able to say one last goodbye to their hero.

Mr. Palmer's grandson, Sam Saunders, spoke at the service and gave an insight into the character of the man who helped transform the sport of golf.

"What he always did so well with me, was that he was always there," he said. "He was there for me and he was there for our entire family. He would always take my phonecall. Always. 

"In fact I called him one day and he would always answer the phone and his his voice [ask] 'where are you?'. That was how he answered the phone every time.

"This one particular time he said 'where are you?'. I said: 'I'm at home, where are you?'

"He said: 'I'm with the President.'

"So I said: 'the President of what?'

"And he said to me as if it was so obvious: 'The President of the United States. I'm in the Oval Office right now with the President.'

"So I asked: 'Well then why are you answering your phone?'

"He said: 'I wanted to talk to you'.

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