Arsene Wenger: "The lack of respect from some has been a disgrace"

Ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final, Wenger has come out against some of those who have criticised him

Arsene Wenger

Image: Tim Ireland / AP/Press Association Images

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that some of the criticism levelled toward him over recent months has been "disgraceful" and is something that 'won't be forgotten'.

Speaking to the BBC ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium, Wenger said that behaviour of some of the team's supporters has hurt the "impeccable image of the club".

He said: "The lack of respect from some has been a disgrace and I will never accept that. I will never forget it.

"I believe there's a difference between being criticised and being treated in a way that human beings don't deserve.

"The behaviour of some people during the season, that is what hurts me most. It's not my person that is hurt but the impeccable image of the club around the world. That kind of behaviour does not reflect what Arsenal is."

Regarding his future with the club, he said: "A strong club is a club that makes a decision. It is wrong that in modern society it is not a question of whether a decision is right but whether it is popular.

"That has nothing to do with competence. People with responsibility have to make the right decision."

There have been calls from sections of Arsenal supporters this year wanting the departure of the French manager. Most recently, Arsenal missed out on a place in the Champions League. This was the first time in Wenger's 21-year reign as manager they have failed to do so.

The London club finished behind rivals Tottenham and Chelsea domestically this season and will play in Europe's second tier club competition next season.

Wenger's contract as manager expires this summer, but the 67-year-old has given no indication as to whether or not he will be staying with the club for the coming season.