Ashling Thompson on the extent of sledging including comments made about her darkest moments

The Cork and Milford camogie player joined Off The Ball to discuss the sledging she has been the victim of

Ashling Thompson has been through plenty in her young life but admits the abuse on the field at club level is some of the most shocking she has ever heard.

The Cork camogie captain discussed her battle with depression during the summer and has been one of the most vocal and helpful athletes in Ireland with people struggling with mental health issues.

Thompson, who says club camogie is worse than county level camogie, explained some of the worst things that have been said to her on the field.

Against an unnamed team in Cork, Thompson explains how her ex-partner, who has passed away, was brought into the abuse along with some despicable things regarding some of her most troubled moments. The abuser intimated that Thompson should have taken her life when she had the chance but Thompson has remained resolute in the face of such comments.

Thompson recalls another time when a physio, who is not permitted on the field, ran on and, "called me, and I probably shouldn't say it but a C***."

Thompson gave advice to anybody being bullied or is being subjected to abuse on or off the field, "the best thing for that person to do is go to management explain what's happening, and what's going on, but never quit."

"Don't ever quit or back down from anyone."

Ashling Thompson works with Headstrong and if you, or anyone you know, is being bullied or struggling through a difficult time, you should get in touch.