Atlanta Zoo names a cockroach after Tom Brady

The idea was part of a Super Bowl bet with a New England Zoo

Atlanta Zoo names a cockroach after Tom Brady

Picture by Darron Cummings AP/Press Association Images

One of the friendliest bets that took place before Super Bowl LI involved Atlanta Zoo and Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.

Depending on the results of the match, one Zoo would have to name a baby pet after the opposing team's quarterback. Once New England won the match earlier this month, Atlanta Zoo had to name one of their baby animals after the 39-year-old.

In an ingenious idea, the Zoo decided to introduce a new family of hissing cockroaches into the animal population. Named after characters in The Brady Bunch, the family of cockroaches had a new introduction in the guise of baby Tom Brady.

While the idea was a light-hearted joke between two zoos, Atlanta's fans will take a long time to get over the loss. They can always go to their local zoo to remember the historic comeback.