Barry McGuigan compares AIBA Olympic proposals to "publicity stunt"

Former world champion boxer reacts to eligibility discussion

Barry McGuigan,

Barry McGuigan INPHO/Presseye/Cyclone Promotions/Brian Little

Former world champion Barry McGuigan has described the move to allow professional boxers to enter the Olympics by the sports governing body, the AIBA, as a "publicity stunt".

In a move that could have huge repercussions for the Irish High Performance boxing squad, the head of the AIBA has indicated that they intend to remove the barriers that prevent professionals from competing in the Olympics within months.

Reacting to the development, McGuigan doubts it is workable.

"How can you possibly have a 12 three-minute-round fighter, who is an elite championship fighter, coming in and boxing over three three-minute rounds, which is a sprint?" he told Sky Sports.

""It just seems crazy, it seems bizarre and it almost seems like a publicity stunt. I just don't see how it can practically work."