Barry McGuigan responds to Tyson Fury's 'traitor' outburst

The Clones Cyclone was quick to tell Fury he was wrong

Barry McGuigan has told Tyson Fury to "grow up" after being branded a "traitor" to his country on Twitter by the 27-year-old English boxer.

Fury was defending himself following criticism from McGuigan in the Daily Mirror. In the column, McGuigan referred to Fury as "brazen attention-seeking, self evidently offensive, insulting, abusive and wrong."

The 55-year-old featherweight responded with consternation at the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion's twitter remarks.

"Tyson is appalling and comes out with some appalling stuff," McGuigan said.

"He was unnecessarily abusive towards me and my past and he can't behave like that.

"Grow up Tyson and catch a grip of yourself."

Fury has been widely criticised after making homophobic, sexist and anti-Semitic comments in a YouTube broadcast and continues to court controversy, with McGuigan the latest to be drawn into the circus.