WATCH: Six of the best of Nike's famous football ads

From Cantona's famous 'au revoir' to their latest effort, Nike know how to put together a good marketing campaign

Every two years, Nike go all out and drop a huge campaign ahead of the summer's major football tournament, and Euro 2016 is no exception. 

Starring Cristiano Ronaldo and a number of other recognisable faces from the Premier League (but mainly Cristiano Ronaldo), the ad tells the tale of a young ball boy who ends up swapping personalities with the Real Madrid superstar after a bump of heads. 

The far-fetched fictional actually results in a pretty entertaining ad, worthy of inclusion in Nike's own Hall of Fame. 

Throughout the years, they have created a number of iconic campaigns which have gone beyond simply advertising, and have become well known (and even loved by some) in their own right.

The first of the Nike ads to really break into the public consciousness was one which featured the Brazil team looking to kill time at the airport, and opting to start a game of football. Stars such as Roberto Carlos, Romario and Ronaldo featured, against a soundtrack of Sergio Mendes' 'Mas que nada' track, which was made even more famous by the incredible success of the short commercial. 

Nike went similarly high concept in another of their ads from that era, again featuring Ronaldo, as well as Luis Figo, Paolo Maldini and Eric Cantona, whose famous "au revoir" line taught at least some French to children around the world.

Many of those stars, notably Cantona, featured again in their 'The Cage' campaign, as sides made up of the world's greatest players fought it out inside the bars. 

'The Mission' campaign kept the theme going, as a team under the direction of manager Louis Van Gaal went in search of a famous "rounder" football. 

Roping in director Guy Ritchie, the company once again made waves with their ad charting the rise of a player from non-league football to the top of the game, just as Jamie Vardy would go on to do years later. 

Proving that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, Nike once again pulled together a dream team of stars for their ad which looked at the differing fates of footballers, depending on what they did in the game. While Wayne Rooney is yet to end up in a trailer park, many of the things which Cristiano Ronaldo envisions have already happened for him, such as getting a statue unveiled in his honour and having a movie made about him. Life imitating art, it would seem.