DOCUMENTARY: Plunge into the world of Irish surfing

'Between Land And Sea' director Ross Whitaker discusses his documentary

surfing, Ireland

Brian Lawless/PA Archive/PA Images

One documentary that's been getting a rapturous response in recent times is Between Land And Sea.

Filmed in Lahinch, Co Clare, it takes the viewer to the Atlantic sea board and plunges one straight into the world of Irish surfing.

Director Ross Whitaker dropped into Off The Ball to talk about the project and the scene it depicts.

"With this, as a non-surfer and a broad film-maker, I wanted to get beyond just talking about surfing and to go home with the surfers," he said.

"I'd never seen that. So what do these people do when they're not in the water? A lot of time you hear about the big decision to make surfing part of your life. Then what's the impact of that? How does that affect your life 10 years hence?" 

And the western coast provides a great backdrop for the surfing community in Ireland.

"You get there and it's true. On a good day and in fact on loads of good days during the year, the size of these waves, the way they look, Irish people that surf them - we've all seen Americans and Australians surfing - but these mostly men, mostly young men are out there surfing these waves and looking amazing. Somebody said to me 'surfing is an art form but you need a camera to capture it' and that's the truth of it. When you see someone surfing a beautiful wave and you capture it, it kind of is the perfect synthesis," said Whitaker.