Billy Joe Saunders: Tyson Fury won't see 30 without boxing

Fury announced his retirement yesterday, only to go back on it just hours later

Tyson Fury

Image: Sebastian Konopka / AP/Press Association Images

Billy Joe Saunders believes Tyson Fury needs boxing to help him get back to full health and says the WBO, WBA and IBO World Heavyweight champion is at a "low point" in his life.

"He's making decisions he's not fit to make," Saunders told the BBC. "I've known Tyson all my life and I've never seen him this low. He's at a low point in his life.

"I know he's got a good family around him to help seek the medical advice that he needs because he is mentally unfit. It's a shame. If we lose Tyson Fury out of boxing, it'll be a big, big loss to boxing... Of his character, whether you love him or hate him he will be a big loss."

Fury was pulled from his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko later this month after allegedly having failed a drugs test for cocaine. Since then, Fury has taken to social media to announce his retirement, only to go back on his declaration hours later.

"I think with the right help and with his family around him, he can overcome. But I think governing bodies, promoters, managers, the public need to take their foot off him a little bit and give him a little bit of space. 

"Get all the stories out, analyse it and make their decisions further down the road. At the moment, if Tyson Fury's boxing gets taken away from him, his life is over.

"He beat Wladimir Klitschko on a downer. He beat him not mentally 100%. He was having a breakdown when he was boxing Wladimir Klitschko and since he's beat him, he's just gone."

It is unclear when Fury will be back in a boxing ring, with reports that he is suffering from depression. Saunders says Fury needs boxing to stay mentally stable.

"When Tyson Fury is in the ring fighting, he's at home. We need to get him back in the ring fighting and back in the ring and back to the old person that he is. 

"Take his boxing away? I think, personally, he won't see 30."