Brendan O'Brien on Lindsay Peat: She's a fascinating character

Ireland host the Women's Rugby World Cup this month

Brendan O'Brien on Lindsay Peat: She's a fascinating character

Ireland's Lindsay Peat. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Ireland are hosting the Women's Rugby World Cup this month with games to be held in both Dublin and Belfast.

The Irish have been grouped with Australia, France and Japan for the opening stage of the tournament. 

Brendan O'Brien and Tommy Martin joined Nathan Murphy on Off the Ball's Sunday Paper Review to discuss the upcoming global showpiece of the women's game.

O'Brien picked out an article by Marie Crowe saying: "A fascinating character, Lindsay Peat. Myself and a few others interviewed her back in May when I was at a sponsored gig. Great back story - very,very high class athlete across a number of sports between basketball, played inter-county football for Dublin. 

Cork's Angela Walsh tackles Lindsay Peat of Dublin. Image: ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

"Astonishing really when you think about it - there's a part here in Marie's piece where it says, and I'd heard this before but every time I read it - it kind of hits you in the face and it's so she joined Railway Union when she was starting out in rugby and three league games later, she was standing on the sideline at the Stoop to make here debut for Ireland against World Champions England.

"That's a phenomenal story and it's an interesting one as well because there's a lot of debate about where women's sport and women's rugby fits into the general scheme of things. 

"And, while that's a very uplifting story, it also puts into perspective that that would not happen in the men's game or in any men's game at the moment. And, that's not said to be derogatory in any sense of the word but what it does say is that 'this is a much younger sport' and it's starting from a much younger level. 

"This is something we would've heard in the gentlemen cricketers and rugby players of World War 1 - it doesn't happen in men's sport anymore. So it does put into some perspective where the game is coming from," he added.

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