WATCH: Bubba Watson's new golf cart jetpack

The US golfer claims he's taking his latest toy to the Olympics

WATCH: Bubba Watson's new golf cart jetpack

Photo: Bubba's Jetpack/Youtube

Pro golfer Bubba Watson is back with another cool invention to liven up the game.

In 2013, he partnered with Oakley to promote the idea of a golf Hovercraft. Now Watson is back with a jetpack to get around the course.

The BW-Air (which stands for Bubba Watson) is an experimental machine built by Martin Aircraft for sports equipment company, Oakley.

The team behind the aircraft is seeking approval by the Federal Aviation Administration to begin production. It is estimated that the jetpack would cost around $200,000 (around €180,000).

The Golf Cart Jetpack is powered by a 210 horsepower engine running two ducted fans. It can fly as high as 914 meters and as fast as 74 km/h.

Bubba himself is not yet allowed to fly the craft, but he's currently third in line for pilot training.

He's teamed up with Oakley to create a wacky video featuring the prototype.

Watson is two time Masters champion and currently the fifth ranked golfer in the world.

Oakley commissioned the video ahead of the summer Olympics where, for the first time in 112 years, golf will be a part of the Games.