Caitlyn Jenner graces the cover of Sports Illustrated with her Olympic gold medal

Jenner won the Decathlon title in Montreal in 1976

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Picture by: Sports Illustrated

Caitlyn Jenner has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, almost 40 years after her only other appearance on the cover of the famous magazine.

The 66-year-old former Olympic Decathlon champion won gold in Montreal during the 1976 Games and has posed with the medal for the first time in public in nearly 40 years.

Jenner was interviewed by the magazine as the feature in their "Where Are They Now?" issue. Former Mexico goalkeeper Jorge Campos, UFC star Chuck Liddell and cyclist Floyd Landis also feature in the edition. 

Competing then as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn won the Decathlon with 8,618 points. That total would have been enough to win Jenner a medal in three of the last four Olympic Games. 

"In my nail drawer. That’s what you can say: It was in the nail drawer", Jenner told Sports Illustrated from her Malibu home. She doesn't show the medal in public in her house.

Speaking about her influence in America after winning gold, Jenner doesn't believe she made as big a difference as she hoped it would.

"What did I do for the world in 1976, besides maybe getting a few people to exercise a little bit? I didn’t make a difference in the world."

She also revealed the medal was a nice prop to give her six children to bring to school. "It was great for the kids at show-and-tell."

In 2015, Jenner revealed she suffered from gender dysphoria for most of her life, before announcing she was a trans woman.