Can someone suddenly go from a desk job to professional footballer?

Ralf Haley chats to Team 33 about trying to do just that

Ralf Haley,

Ralf Haley

"One for example stopped the trial after 45 minutes because - and this is a quote - I was "bringing down the level of his players".

That might have been a setback but it didn't stop TV producer Ralf Haley trying to see if a distant dream could become a reality.

The Englishman contacted over 1,000 clubs around the world to see if he could persuade even one club to give him a football trial, with a view to a professional contract. In the end seven said yes.

His adventure is detailed in his book The Beautiful Dream: One man's ridiculous quest to become a professional footballer and he joined us on this week's Team 33 to tell how far he got in his quest to go from non-footballer to footballer.

You can listen to the full interview with Ralf on this week's Team 33 podcast below or stream on iTunes:

The book which is in the process of being turned into a feature documentary (check out the trailers below) explains how he managed to convinced clubs in far flung places like Andorra, the Baltic nations and Malta to give him a trial, and how he fared - including how he nearly died from heat exhaustion in his Malta trial.

Plus for anyone who has had latent daydreams of giving professional football a shot, he explains how big a gap it is to go from ordinary non-athlete to pro footballer in minor football nations.