Cavs opponents in NBA Finals still a mystery as Warriors beat Thunder to force Game 7

Thompson and Curry landed 72 points as the Warriors beat the Thunder in Oklahoma

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals. This much we know. Their opponents in that series remains a mystery, however, as the Golden State Warriors battled back to tie the Western Conference Finals series with Oklahoma City Thunder 3-3 as they head back to California for the series-defining game seven.

They won the game 108-101 thanks to a combined 72 points from Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, 41 and 31 respectively with Klay Thompson erupting with 11 of 18 from the three-point line on the night.

Steph Curry has been the star of the NBA season but Thompson has been busy knocking down threes at an alarming rate that would have garnered more attention had his own teammate not transformed into a super-human three point machine. Last night, Thompson landed 11 from beyond the arc to break the record for the number of shots from downtown landed in a playoff game.

The Warriors, a team who have redefined the importance and frequency of three-point shooting, are never happy with the number they land and Thomspon admitted that he should have had more.

"I should have had at least 13 because I missed some wide-open looks early," he said after the game.

The series now returns to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California as Curry, Klay and company aim to reach their second consecutive NBA finals.