Charlton Athletic forcing fans to sign "agreed behavioural contract" before allocating season tickets

The fan must sign a behavioural contract to ensure their place in The Valley is kept next season

Charlton Athletic have been on the end of some expected criticism after they sent letters out to season ticket holders explaining their allocation of a ticket would be "conditional" on them signing a contract that ensured they did not post nonconstructive criticism of the club on social media.

In what can only be described as a form of blackmail, the club sent the letter below to a season ticket holder explaining he had come to the attention of the club regarding some comments posted on social media that were "not particularly constructive" and informed the fan that they would have to meet a member of the club in order to attain a season ticket.

The allocation of a season ticket would then be "conditional" and the fan in question would have to sign an agreed behavioural contract to ensure there were no more derogatory comments placed on social media.

The club were relegated last year into the third tier of professional English football and a host of protests have been taking place since Roland Duchatelet took over the club, sacked manager Jose Riga along with other managers and created untold tension between the club and its fans.