Charting the celebrity encounters of Michael Conlan and Paddy Barnes in Rio

Two of Ireland's best boxers are also two of our best tweeters

Michael Conlan, Paddy Barnes, Rio Olympics, Ireland,

Image: Β©INPHO/James Crombie

Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlan will be competing for medals at the Olympics in Rio this month as they take on the best of the best in the boxing world, but they have already staked their claim for being the best tweeters at the Games.

It started with their arrival in Brazil, as they immediately took to calling out Rory McIlroy for his decision not to go to the Games, citing concerns over the Zika virus. 

Barnes was quick to point out that there were mosquito nets that would have protected him, and he'd really missed a trick by not coming. 

However, their main goal so far has been to track down some of the big name athletes competing in sports across the competition as they settle into life in the Olympic village, and they have been having great success to date.

They have already ticked a few off the list, snagging Jo-Wilfried Tsonga early doors. 

After laying the gauntlet down and saying that Nadal would be raging he missed the chance for a selfie with them, they eventually managed to link up with the Spanish tennis star the following day.

McIlroy was again in the firing line as they caught up with Rickie Fowler, who we're guessing probably didn't say what Conlan suggests he did below.

They also caught up with Mark Cavendish on Thursday night, who apparently cycles or something. 

At the Olympic opening ceremony, Barnes was in a prime position to get some snaps with a few of the other flag bearers, as he posed for a quick picture with Caroline Wozniacki...and once again tagged in Rory McIlroy.

Paddy's latest celebrity encounter was with Serena Williams! 

We'll keep an eye on the rest of their celebrity and sports star schmoozing as the events get underway over the next couple of weeks.

It looks like, however, that there won't be anymore slagging of Rory as Barnes has called a truce.

McIlroy then took his turn to weigh in on Conlan and Barnes' tweeting and offered the lads some good luck!