Chelsea and Jose Mourinho settle employment tribunal with Eva Carneiro

The former team doctor was taking legal action against the club and former manager, claiming constructive dismissal from her position

Eva Carneiro, Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, Premier League

Image: Hannah McKay / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Chelsea football club and former manager Jose Mourinho have reached an agreement with former team doctor, Eva Carneiro, over claims she was constructively dismissed by the club and discriminated against by Mourinho.

"Chelsea Football Club is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Dr Carneiro which brings her employment tribunal proceedings against the club and Jose Mourinho to an end" the club said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

"The club regrets the circumstances which led to Dr Carneiro leaving the club and apologises unreservedly to her and her family for the distress caused. We wish to place on record that in running onto the pitch Dr Carneiro was following both the rules of the game and fulfilling her responsibility to the players as a doctor, putting their safety first."

Mourinho was accused of sexually harassment, with Dr. Carneiro claiming that, as she ran on to the pitch during the game with Swansea, Mourinho shouted "filha da puta" at her.

In a statement to the tribunal, Mourinho conceded that he used the term "filho da puta", meaning "son of a whore", but insisted he had been using it throughout the match.

"Filho da puta is a phrase I often use, all of the players know it. There is no sexist connotation in the use of the phrase - it is just like saying 'f*** off'" he told the London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon.

"In the world of football, a lot of swear words are used."

Dr. Carneiro said in a statement today: "I am relieved that today we have been able to conclude this tribunal case. It has been an extremely difficult and distressing time for me and my family and now I look forward to moving forward with my life.

"My priority has always been the health and safety of the players and fulfilling my duty of care as a doctor. I running onto the pith to treat a player who required medical attention, I was following the rules of the game and fulfilling my medical responsibilities.

"I would like to thank everyone who has supported me including my husband, family, friends and members of the football community."

The details of the settlement will be kept private, but it was revealed yesterday that Dr. Carneiro had already turned down a settlement offer of £1.2m.