Chris Eubank Jr. offers British title belt to Nick Blackwell

His next opponent is not too pleased about the gesture

Chris Eubank, Chris Eubank Jr. Nick Blackwell,

Image: Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Chris Eubank Jr. has offered his British title to Nick Blackwell as a gesture of goodwill after a renewed war of words in the media between the two. 

Blackwell was put in an induced coma after the fight due to the injuries he suffered, but has since revealed that his anger towards Eubank Jr. comes from the comments made in the media afterwards. 

The boxer, who has since had to retire, stated that what the Eubanks did in the wake of the bout was "inhuman" and "disgusting", adding that they were simply trying to "make themselves look like the good guys when they are the opposite."

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Eubank Jr. said that he wanted to present Blackwell with his British title belt, and added that he had hoped Blackwell would also appear on the show in order to make the presentation. 

Eubank Jr. added that he had been unable to deliver it person in the wake of the fight, stating that he had contacted Blackwell's camp several times about the possibility of making a trip to visit him in the hospital. 

A statement from Blackwell was read to the pair, who also spoke about what went on in the ring and why they said afterwards that they had chosen to stop throwing punching at Blackwell's head, instead aiming for the body to avoid doing any further damage.

However, Eubank's gesture has not gone down well with his next opponent Mick Hennessy, who stated that the title is not his to give away, and echoed Blackwell's criticisms of his media appearances. 

"Once he has made three defences of the title, and won it outright, he can do what he wants with it. It will be his to keep. But, until then, anything he says in relation to handing the belt over to Nick has to be viewed, in my opinion, as pure opportunism."