Christiano Ronaldo turns his attention to life after retirement from soccer

The Portuguese star turns 31 this year

Christiano Ronaldo turns his attention to life after retirement from soccer

Frank Augstein / AP/Press Association Images

Christiano Ronaldo admits that he does not forsee a life in management when he finally decides to hang up his boots as a professional soccer player.

Speaking to Papel, the Real Madrid striker who turns 31 this February says he intends to spend those days living like a King and is coming to the realisation that life outside the pulsating world of professional sport can be fulfilling too. 

"There is another life after football. I think at first it will be tough [not playing], but if you ask me now if I want to coach, I would say no - neither as a club manager nor a president. You can say you have the best job, money, cars, houses... but that is not everything. But after [football] I want to live like a king.”

There tends to be a consistent focus on Christiano Ronaldo. Between the ongoing race with Lionel Messi to be regarded as the World's No.1 player and the constant speculation about whether or not he will remain with Real Madrid, the pressure is always evident. 

But the former Manchester United star insists, that it does not impinge on him. 

"I can handle the pressure due to the hard life I’ve had. Leaving home at 11 and going into a different world, first to Lisbon and then to Manchester, was very difficult and between 11 and 18 I [learned about] stability. So I’ve become the person I am today because of the time I spent without my family and going through difficult times.''

“I was a teenager, but I had to do things as a man - to the point that I had to do my own ironing. My mental strength began at that time.''