Cobh Ramblers manager tears down FAI for not developing football in Ireland

Henderson went all out on twitter in an effort to explain why Irish football is in such a poor state

Cobh Ramblers manager Stephen Henderson believes Ireland's success at Euro 2016 will paper over the cracks of a poor system that does not help young players develop and many of the issues facing the League of Ireland.

In a full-on Twitter rant, Henderson outlines his issues with development, the upset at Athlone Town's current predicament and having been punished for speaking out about the development curriculum. 

He also took aim at Ruud Doktor, who is the FAI's High Performance Director, claiming he does not have a clue of Irish culture dictating a plan that does not suit the country's people.

The points made might be valid and Henderson appears to be a passionate football man but the comments are likely to get him in hot water with the FAI.