Cody Garbrandt: 'I don’t know if Dominick Cruz will ever come back to fighting'

The UFC men's bantamweight champion spoke to FOX Sports

Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Cruz, UFC

Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

It's fair to categorize Cody Garbrandt's unanimous decision victory over long-time UFC men's bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as dominant.

Their bout took backseat to Ronda Rousey's return to the Octagon, but proved a more exciting fight and served up five rounds of action.

While Rousey could only withstand women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes's boxing skills for a mere 48 seconds, the 25-year-old Ohio native strutted, danced and jeered his way to victory in Nevada.

Cruz noted in his post fight press conference that it wasn't a tough night for him and that he was an entertainer, his championship bout with Garbrandt provided the most entertainment of the night.

Rumours then began to circulate of a rematch, apt really for a champion who served as long as Cruz and who had spend much of his career as one of the best pound for pound MMA fighters in the world.

Speaking to FOX Sports, however, Garbrandt claimed that Cruz wasn't too keen on a rematch right away.

"I offered him the rematch and I’m surprised that he’s not wanting the rematch," Garbrandt said. "For being the dominant champion, he doesn’t want the rematch. So I’m kind of surprised that I broke him in there. I don’t know if he’ll ever come back to fighting."

Cody Garbrandt taunts Dominick Cruz during their championship bout at UFC 207. Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Garbrandt expressed satisfaction with punishing Cruz for five rounds instead of a definitive TKO or KO finish, but says this time he wants to prove his championship credentials with a stoppage.

"I knew I could knock him out. That’s why I said I’m very adamant on the rematch, I know I would knock him out in two rounds. 

"I said I would do the rematch because I knew I would knock him out in the second round just like my first prediction. I was just having fun whooping his ass, clowning him, I had a lot of unanswered questions to the media, the public and the people but I already that.

"I just wanted to go out and show them people that I can go fight rounds. I can dance. I’m not one dimensional. I’m just getting started."

Garbrandt added: "We’ll see how he comes back. But I’m ready for the best Dominick Cruz just like I was the first time. I’ll be ready for whatever."