Colm McFadden calls time on impressive inter-county career

The Donegal forward spoke about the young lads coming through the Donegal set-up as he announced he would not return

Colm McFadden called time on his inter-county career yesterday having come on as a sub in Donegal's defeat at the hands of Dublin at Croke Park.

The left-footed talisman was not overly wistful when telling the Irish Times he was finished with his time as a Donegal footballer and it seemed as though it was something he had thought about before the season and before the game.

“That will be it after today, yeah,” McFadden told the newspaper.

“Them young fellas...that game is changing all the time and there is plenty of fine talent coming through, good legs, good footballers so it is time for them to take up the baton now. The future is bright for Donegal football.

“Every man has his day."

The 33-year-old All Star winner in 2014 hangs up his boots as an All-Ireland winner having racked up 1-4 against Mayo in that final as both himself and Michael Murphy ripped the Connacht side's defence to shreds in the opening few minutes.