Chris Fields discusses the difficulty of cutting weight and going 30 hours without water

The use of IV drips is now forbidden but regardless, the nature of cutting weight is "miserable" according to Fields

BY Robbie Dunne 19:56 Monday 14 December 2015, 19:56 14 Dec 2015

Chris "The Killing" Fields knew Conor McGregor would win the fight in the MGM on Saturday night but he thought it might take two or three rounds.

Knowing and fighting alongside The Notorious for so long, he could see it going the way it went for months prior to the actual event. It was never in doubt for Fields, but he says, "there is a joke going around that before Conor is seen as the real deal, he will have to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania."

He is the real deal now and Dana White is starting to realise this as talk of an Aviva fight or Croke Park fight continue to gather steam.

While talk has moved onto the next fight already, Fields talked to Colm and Joe on Off The Ball about cutting weight. Fields offered some stark insight into the weeks before a fight. He said you start to cut calories and then you cut carbohydrates because carbs carry water and "the last few weeks is water manipulation."

This includes "just baths" for the last few days as "you're trying to sweat the water out of you."

He says "you wouldn't drink water for at least the last 24 hours but Conor does something where he has sips here and there."

Every fighter has a different routine and Fields himself says, "I go 30 hours without water. I use a sauna, other lads use salt baths to extract the water."

Fields also discussed how McGregor has proven himself at featherweight and there is nobody left at the division for him to fight. He believes that McGregor will move up a weight and use his frame to inflict pain on his opponents in another division.


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