Conor McGregor actually had the welterweight belt on his shoulder last night

Dana White confirmed he had to borrow Tyron Woodley's strap after the UFC 205 main event

BY Cian Roche 15:16 Sunday 13 November 2016, 15:16 13 Nov 2016

Image: Julio Cortez AP/Press Association Images

Conor McGregor etched his name into the record books last night by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at two different weight divisions concurrently.

His second round destruction of Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden will go down as perhaps one of the most iconic fights in the company's history and McGregor repeatedly told of his desire to hold aloft two belts at the same time. 

Except, after the fight was finished and he spoke to Joe Rogan inside the Octagon, there was no second belt.

"Just for the record, I'm not supposed to bring his belt... he's supposed to bring his belt," UFC President Dana White said after last night's fight.

The newly crowned lightweight and featherweight champion was visibly annoyed at the fact that the two belts were not present at his crowning and promotion officials had to improvise.

"He’s yelling at me because I don’t have his belt. I’m like, 'No, you’re supposed to bring your belt.' I give you the new belt."

White was forced to think on his feet and was able to retrieve a second belt, Tyron Woodley's welterweight title.

"He got it back," White said. "He let us borrow his belt."

Woodley told MMAjunkie after last night's event: "I’m a professional at the end of the day."

The Missouri native crossed words with McGregor during the week and added: "To be honest, if you want to get to me, you can get to me."

Conor McGregor leaves the Octagon with two belts and celebrates making UFC history. Image: Julio Cortez AP/Press Association Images

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