Conor McGregor and his camp are "not keen" on civic reception

John Kavanagh says a civic reception would be appreciated but not something team are overly keen on

Conor McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, has revealed that a civic reception is not something his camp would be "keen on" despite appreciating the sentiment.

In a column for the, McGregor's trainer and confidante, says they only learned about the civic reception online and at the same time as everyone else as no direct contact had been made. 

Kavanagh also reveals intimate details of the Aldo fight and into the psyche of one of Ireland's best athletes while outlining the person Conor McGregor is when there is no opponent and there is no need to whip up a frenzy.

He says, "As media coverage of Conor McGregor increases and his name becomes further entrenched in the everyday conversations of sports fans and non-sports fans alike, we begin to see a more nuanced picture of Conor McGregor the person and a more media-savvy team around him.

What we have seen from McGregor and his camp following the victory over Aldo is a sense of humility that many did not believe existed. 

The rise of Conor McGregor in Ireland has been momentous for the UFC and now that McGregor has his foot firmly in the door, there is a desire to temper the hype.

McGregor says he is fascinated with movement, combat and becoming the best in the world and while civic receptions and awards are nice symbols of recognition, ultimately, he has achieved the goal of becoming a champion and is focused on the next fight, whoever that might be against.