Conor McGregor: I will continue to dominate the featherweight division

Speaking at the UFC202 press conference this evening, McGregor insisted he would not relinquish his grip on the 145lbs belt

Conor McGregor: I will continue to dominate the featherweight division

Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Conor McGregor says he will continue to "dominate" the UFC featherweight division after his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC202 and didn't rule out the possibility of a third fight against the Stockton southpaw.

Speaking at the UFC202 press conference this evening, the featherweight champion also discussed today's withdrawal of Jon Jones from the UFC200 main event, the card on which McGregor and Diaz were originally supposed to headline.

"I could sit up here and say 'well, well, well...', he said, "But I am a successful human being and a successful human being doesn't celebrate in the adversity or the misfortune of others. I wish Jon well, I wish everyone back stage well. I know they're all running around like headless chickens trying to get everything together. 

"All I missed was a press conference. If I look at the facts, the main event of the fight and the co-main event weren't even at that press conference. But, it is what it is. August 20th is my date. UFC202, the real UFC200 and I will have my redemption."

And when Nate Diaz was asked whether or not he was surprised that Jon Jones had failed a drug test his answer was as short as it was succinct: "Everyone is on steroids".

With regards to the rematch of the welterweight bout McGregor said: "I'm looking forward to it. The first fight [at UFC196 in March] was a great fight. I have my reason why the fight went the way it went. Now I have the oppourtunity to prove what I am saying, something I have done many times before. I look forward to August 20th where I will come in ready, prepared, sharp and I will take this man out."

He explained that despite never training for a specific opponent, this time he focus his attention on Diaz.

"I've simply prepared a little bit more specific. Usually, I don't prepare for a specific opponent and the reasons are clear to everyone. The people I face pull out. They pull out all the time. Last minute pull-outs have been a staple in my career. 

"This time I'm preparing for a tall, lanky, ugly, Mexican southpaw and that's it. A lot more specific. I'm going to go in and put this man away. That's it."

Despite the fact that the fight will take place at 170lbs, McGregor insisted he would not relinquish his hold on his 145lbs crown.

"I giggle when they try and take that credit from me, for going up this weight and fighting at 170lbs. They try and say it's just a fight where I'm not cutting weight. 

"Make no mistake, I am the undisputed 145lbs UFC champion and that is my division. A division I have destroyed. Saturday night, two fighters fight and one will rise up. Then we'll see where we are. But make no mistake, the 145lbs division is my division. I am the world champion at that weight and I will continue to dominate that division. I have other business that has presented itself that I must handle first."

You can watch tonight's full press conference by clicking here.