Conor McGregor's preparations for this weekend have resorted to punching candles

He fights Jose Aldo at UFC 194

Candle sales in Ireland may be about to sky rocket in the coming days.

In the latest UFC Embedded video ahead of UFC 194, Conor McGregor has been shown trying to quench a candle with the speed of his punches. He is also shown training with his Movement Coach, Ido Portal. In the video we see Portal talking about how he helps McGregor.

"Once you're pinned down, you are a sitting target. You're moving in predictable ways. It's very easy to implement all kinds of attacks on you. Then, people like Aldo can shine. Once you're on the move, being unpredictable and taking all kinds of shapes and rhythms, then the whole game changes." 

Aldo is also shown in Rio de Janeiro training with his training partners. They speak about how McGregor has antagonised the champion. Leonardo Santos mentions that "McGregor's lack of respect helped motivate Aldo in training. He's going to finish him as quickly as possible." 

The fight takes place in the early hours of Sunday morning in Las Vegas.