Conor Murray: "Death really opens your eyes"

The Munster scrum-half opened up about the passing of Anthony Foley

BY 11:55 Thursday 22 December 2016, 11:55 22 Dec 2016

A tribute is paid to the late Anthony Foley. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Conor Murray has opened up about the sudden and tragic passing of his former mentor and friend, Anthony Foley.

Speaking to the Guardian, Murray said: “When death happens you can usually process it. But with Axel I feel he should be here. For a couple of weeks there was so much attention on his death, and an outpouring of sympathy.

"It was beautiful. But now everyone is carrying on – which is strange but natural. Axel would want us to carry on. He continues to inspire us,” he added.


Munster players observe a minutes silence for their late Head Coach Anthony Foley
Image: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Murray idolised his former coach and spoke openly about the time around the news of "Axel's" passing saying: "When you lose someone, you go: ‘Let’s really take life for what it is and enjoy every day.’ After a while you forget and just go back to worrying about things.

"But Axel’s been dead more than two months and it’s still there for me. Little things don’t stress me anymore. It’s had a profound impact and you learn new things.

“I didn’t know much about his family life until I went to see Olive and the kids. They have a beautiful home in Killaloe, overlooking the lake, with a wood at the back.

"Home was the most important thing. He used to ring Olive 15 times a day – which amazed me. I said: ‘What?’ I couldn’t believe it because Axel would barely utter a word to you in the morning,” he added. 

Via The Guardian.

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