Conor O'Shea relishing Scottish challenge

The sides meet in Singapore this weekend and the Test match will be the first ever top tier international in the city

Conor O'Shea, Italy

Image: Paul Harding/PA Wire/PA Images

Italy rugby union head coach and former Ireland international Conor O'Shea says his side are relishing the chance to take on Scotland this weekend.

Both sides meet in Singapore - with the Test match the first ever top tier international in the city. O'Shea says he's looking forward to being part of something so unique.

"We're just focusing on the job that we have, which is a massive game against Scotland. We want to improve as a team and give some young guys a run out," he told Sky Sports.

"It's great to be here and be part of something different, a part of history."

He also talked about the improvements his sides have made over the past year.

"Five or six years ago, you could argue that Scotland were in a pretty tough place themselves. They were a little bit further down the road, but still in a really tough place.

"If you do the right things with the right people in place, things change. That's what we're doing now. We're here to talk about where we are today and not where we will be two or three years from now."

He added: "People tend to look at the result at the end of matches, but from where we are, we look at little things within matches that can be huge game changers. That can range from the first scrum of the match which sets the tone or if a score is taken at a certain time in a match."