Could Peyton Manning's alleged university behaviour ruin his legacy?

The quarterback has been mentioned in a lawsuit taken against his former university

BY Daniel Kelly 12:14 Wednesday 17 February 2016, 12:14 17 Feb 2016

Picture by: Gregory Payan / AP/Press Association Images

After Denver's win at Super Bowl 50 it looked like that Peyton Manning would sail off into the sunset as a two-time Super Bowl winner and as a legend of the game.

Since the win in California, Manning's past at the University of Tennessee has gained some unwanted attention. The 39-year-old has been named in a Title XI lawsuit in America brought by a group of women against the Univesity. The lawsuit claims that high-profile college athletes created a "hostile sexual environment" against the women.

The story has been written about extensively in recent days. Deadspin writer Diana Moskovitz spoke to Off the Ball about the claims on Tuesday night's show. Moskovitz's article on the case can be read here.


Manning was the first pick in the 1998 NFL Draft after an impressive college career in the University of Tennessee. Picture by: MICHAEL CONROY / AP/Press Association Image

"Various women tending mostly to mostly involve the football team have all said that the were assaulted or attacked. The went to the University, and the University in various different ways did not investigate it... This happened repeatedly."

Manning's name has become involved because he “pulled his pants down and exposed himself to me, as I was bent over examining his foot after asking me several questions" according to the complaints.

The quarterback's reputation may become tarnished due to the findings of the lawsuit. While Manning is not directly in the firing line in the lawsuit, his alleged behaviour at university may come to haunt him once he retires.

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