'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone claims none of the other UFC fighters like Conor McGregor

Cerrone added that "behind the scenes, he's like a scared little kid"

'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone claims none of the other UFC fighters like Conor McGregor

Picture by: Isaac Brekken / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Cerrone is not a big fan of Conor McGregor, and it appears that when it comes to the fighters inside the organisation, he's not on his own. 

McGregor and Cerrone have clashed before, as they traded barbs ahead of the Irishman's fight with Jose Aldo, while Cerrone has also criticised him for his trash talking on a number of occasions in the past. 

Speaking to SI Now, Cerrone once again took aim at the Dubliner, stating that he wasn't liked by any of the other fighters in the organisation. 

Hitting back at McGregor for calling him a "bitter, old fighter" at the press conference for UFC 205, Cerrone said that he was disliked "by all" of the fighters, and that: "He's not one of the fellas, he's not a good dude. It is what it is. He does a good job promoting the sport, he does a good job of making money. So I can't hate the guy for that, but just as a person he ain't a fan of mine."

Cerrone added that despite the fact that he's very vocal at press conferences, "behind the scenes he's like a scared little kid."

Speaking about what goes on after the media events, he added: "They line us all up in a line, but they take Conor and they put him off in another room because he can't be around the other fighters because we don't play that (expletive)."

Cerrone did admit that McGregor has been good for the sport however as he gets a lot of attention thanks to his profile and the way he has helped to garner interest for the sport amongst fans who might not have previously watched mixed martial arts. 

"He brings a lot of people, so my hat's off to him for that," added Cerrone, "but just like hang with him like a fella, no, he'd never be my buddy."

Via SI Now