Dana White believes there's only one reason why Conor McGregor got his boxing licence

As he prepares to take a break from the UFC, the Irish fighter is still making headlines

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Picture by: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Conor McGregor’s recent move to get a boxing licence has plenty of people anticipating that he will finally step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

A dream superfight for many, there is no doubt that fans the world over would reach deep into their pockets to pay to see that bout, and McGregor’s move fueled the speculation that first surfaced during his dispute with the UFC over a grueling media schedule in advance of UFC 200.

However, Mayweather has often played down the possibility of his taking on the Irishman, given he has retired, and UFC President Dana White has repeatedly highlighted that the contract the company has with McGregor would not allow him to fight the boxing star.

Speaking to Tim & Sid on Sportsnet, White was clear that the Irish fighter was not going to be getting back inside the octagon or the ring before the birth of his child, and that he respected the decision the UFC lightweight champion has made.

“He’s taking time off. First of all, you're talking about a super-intelligent guy, this kid’s really intelligent, witty, quick. Everything that he says though, he backs up. He's a very unique individual, he's a special fighter.

"One of the things that I love and respect about this kid too is that he says: 'my girl is pregnant, and she stresses out beyond belief when I'm training and when I fight. I don't want her going through this with my baby,' which is absolutely dead on. He shouldn't, I agree with him."

When asked what his opinion was on the stories about McGregor getting his boxing licence, White said what it is merely Conor being Conor.

"[There are stories about the boxing licence] because he's the master! He has nothing going on for 10 months, but he's got everybody talking about him. Everybody is talking about Conor McGregor!"

"He'll fight anybody, anywhere, anytime, another reason he's so big, and famous, and rich. If you're a fight fan, Conor McGregor is exactly what you love. He embraces and embodies everything that fighting is about, and he's also the best at getting the media going and keeping people talking about him.

"He gets his boxing licence and now they're talking about the Mayweather fight. I hate talking about the Mayweather fight because it's ridiculous. Let's let common sense prevail here."

Ever the smart marketer, however, White was sure not to throw the baby out with the bath water, as he stated that he has been told that there is interest from the undefeated boxing star in testing his skills against McGregor. 

White detailed how he bumped into 50 Cent at a restaurant recently, and the topic of the superfight came up as they were leaving.  

"We bump into each other and we start talking, and he says: 'When's your boy going to fight Floyd?'

"'I'm like, my boy? You talking about Conor McGregor? Floyd don't want that fight', and he said 'Dana, Floyd wants that fight'.

"So I said: 'I'll tell you what, you call him and tell him, gimme a call."

"50 Cent is a huge fight fan and he's a friend of Floyd's he 's a friend of mine and...I don't know, we'll see what he comes back with."