Daryl Murphy addresses his "frustrating" lack of goals for Ireland

Striker adds that he won't dwell on the a record of no goals in 20 caps

Daryl Murphy, Ireland

Republic of Ireland's Daryl Murphy ©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

Ireland striker Daryl Murphy admits his international goal drought is a source of frustration.

The Wateford-born Ipswich Town striker has  decent golascoring record at club level but has failed to translate to the international scene.

In 20 caps, the 33-year-old has yet to scored for Ireland since making his debut in 2007.

"It is frustrating but it's part and parcel of football. There's obviously a reason I've not scored. I think I've had some decent chances and keeper's saved it or I've hit the post or something like that. But you always think as a striker that you're going to get a chance and you'll score. You can't dwell on it too much. If I done that I think my confidence would be shattered," he said at today's Republic of Ireland press conference.

And dwell on it he doesn't intend to do, particularly to the detriment of his other tasks as a forward.

"I think first and foremost if I play any part, I need to make sure I do the basics right and if I'm only thinking about a goal and I'm not holding the ball up and fighting my corner and setting people up, then I'm at nothing really," he said.

"Once that part of the game is taken care of and I get a chance, hopefully it will go in. It's not wanting to go in for me for a while now but I mean I just need to get the chances and hopefully I'll take one."