David Beckham warned over Miami stadium by MLS commissioner

MLS' commissioner says a deal must be struck soon over a stadium or Beckham's Miami franchise could be doomed.

David Beckham's Miami football team could be on the brink of collapse if he can not strike a deal for a stadium soon according to MLS' commissioner Don Garber .

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy footballer has plans of becoming the owner of the 24th team to enter the Major Leagues in the US. Beckham and his group of investors will meet with Garber to discuss the possibility of finalising this deal.

Garber, however, says "If they can't finalise a deal for a stadium, they are not going to have an MLS team. We're going to have to reach that point soon. We will make the decision on Miami in due time."

He also added, "It is a very real-time process that we're going through right now," Garber told Fox Sports. "There's a new site they're looking at. We've been working with Tim Leiweke and the Beckham group on ensuring that it could be a site that makes sense for the club. Hang tight because it's hopefully going to come to some conclusion soon, though I'm not sure what the exact timetable is."

According to reports, Beckham is investigating the possibility of erecting a stadium at an old boatyard near Miami International Airport. 

Garber also admitted that a team in Sacramento, Los Angeles might be higher on the expansion list and it remains to be seen just how much time Beckham's name can buy him in waiting to decide on a stadium location.