Devin Booker scores 70 points in an NBA game

The Phoenix Suns star was still on the losing team

Devin Booker scores 70 points in an NBA game

Picture by: Elise Amendola/AP/Press Association Images

Devin Booker became the first play in the NBA to score 70 points in a game in over ten years. His team still lost.

The Phoenix Suns shooting guard, who is only 20, became the youngest player in the history of the league, to score at least 60 points, or 70 points in a game.

Booker, who is only in his second season in the NBA, became the first player to reach the 70-point mark, since Kobe Bryant scored 81 points for the LA Lakers against Toronto in 2006.

Despite scoring the 70 points, the 20-year-old was still on the losing side, as the Suns lost 130-120 away to the Boston Celtics on Friday night.

Booker played 45 minutes in the defeat, but scored 51 points in the second half, including 28 in the final quarter. 

After the match, the Suns team celebrated the achievement despite the loss. Asked if it was weird to celebrate the feat, despite the loss, Booker agreed.

"It is, because we've all been winners most of our life," he told the press. "But at the same time, the way our season's gone right now, we're kind of looking for something to celebrate... At the end of the day, history was made and I couldn't do it without my team so they're gonna celebrate." 

He returns to action on Sunday night, against Charlotte. The eyes of the basketball world will be on Booker after his 70-point haul.